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how delectable, also undetectable - #11

01-15 The Social Network
16-35 Random Movies (The Shining, Big Fish, The Hurt Locker, etc....)
36-38 Dexter


So I'm really favoring negative space and wider crops right now, in case you can't tell. I'm trying out some different coloring techniques and experimenting with simple textures. Baby steps. Let me know if it's not exactly working out :P









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Please keep in mind that I do not save/keep track of bases I create for icons with text, textures, etc. If you want a variation of a particular icon, please do not ask in the comments below. Request it here
Tags: maker: mother_chucker3, movie: a.i. artifical intelligence, movie: big fish, movie: indiana jones, movie: pineapple express, movie: stand by me, movie: the breakfast club, movie: the hurt locker, movie: the shining, movie: the social network, movie: zombieland, tv: dexter, type: icons
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